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If you’re tired of the hassle of maintaining your yard, talk to the expert Cornelius hardscape contractors with Lawn Pro of the Carolinas. We can make your property even more beautiful than it already is, and make things a lot easier on you in the process. Our hardscape contractors in Cornelius NC are waiting to show you the possibilities.

How Hardscaping Can Reduce Yard Maintenance

It’s awesome to have a beautiful yard, but our Cornelius hardscape contractors can make yours look even better. Here are just a few ways we can take away the hassles of maintaining your property.

No Mowing Required

One of the biggest benefits of hardscaping is that it eliminates the need for grass. Our hardscape contractors in Cornelius NC can create a patio or walkway, and replace grassy areas with stone, gravel or other materials. This means that you no longer need to mow the lawn, saving you time and effort.

Low Water Usage

Hardscaping features, such as a rock garden or stone pathway, require very little water. This is especially important in areas with drought or water restrictions. By replacing grass with hardscaping elements, you can significantly reduce your water usage and save on your water bills.

Reduced Weeding

Weeds are a common problem for homeowners who maintain a lawn. With hardscaping, you can reduce the number of weeds in your yard. This is because hardscaping materials such as stone and gravel do not provide the ideal environment for weed growth. By reducing weeds, you can save time and effort in yard maintenance.

Reduced Pests

In addition to reducing weeds, expert hardscape contractors in Cornelius NC can also reduce pests in your yard. Pests such as ants and termites are attracted to grass and other organic materials. Hardscaping can create an environment that’s less attractive to pests, reducing the need ‘for pest control measures.


Hardscaping elements are generally more durable than traditional landscaping materials such as grass and shrubs. They don’t require regular trimming, and are less likely to become damaged by inclement weather. This means that you can enjoy your outdoor living space without worrying about frequent repairs and replacements.

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