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Cornelius landscape lighting design can be a complex process that requires knowledge and experience. That’s exactly what we have at Lawn Pro of the Carolinas. Amateurs often make some common mistakes that can result in a less-than-ideal lighting experience. Here are some of the most common landscape lighting design mistakes that our pros in landscape lighting design in Cornelius NC can help you avoid..


Underlighting happens when too few lights are used in Cornelius landscape lighting design. This can result in a dull and uninteresting lighting effect that doesn’t highlight the beauty of your outdoor space.

Poorly Placed Fixtures

Another common mistake is using poorly placed fixtures. This can result in shadows in the wrong places, or in bright spots that detract from the overall lighting effect. Fixtures should be strategically placed to highlight the best features of your landscape and provide the right amount of illumination. A professional in landscape lighting design in Cornelius NC with Lawn Pro of the Carolinas will make sure your fixtures are placed in just the right spots.

Neglecting Safety

Landscape lighting design in Cornelius NC should always take safety into consideration. Amateurs may overlook safety concerns, such as using poorly placed fixtures that can be a tripping hazard, or not properly grounding electrical wiring.

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

Landscape lighting can be expensive to run if energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs are not used. Amateurs often make the mistake of ignoring energy efficiency and using high-wattage bulbs or leaving lights on for too long, resulting in higher energy bills and unnecessary environmental impact.

Not Considering the Big Picture

Landscape lighting should be considered as part of the overall design of your outdoor space. Amateurs often make the mistake of not considering the big picture, and may end up with lighting that clashes with other design elements or doesn’t fit the overall theme of the space.

If you’re unsure about your ability to design and install landscape lighting, you should consult with a professional for Cornelius landscape lighting design. Talk to a Lawn Pro of the Carolinas expert by contacting us online or calling (704) 746-8447.

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