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Cornelius lawn fertilization services are a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Fertilizing your lawn provides it with the essential nutrients it needs thrive. These nutrients support the growth of strong roots, green blades of grass and help your lawn resist disease, drought and pests. The experts in lawn fertilization services in Cornelius NC with Lawn Pro of the Carolinas would like to share some information on why regular fertilization is so important.

Fertilization 101

The companies that offer Cornelius lawn fertilization services typically use different types of lawn fertilizers, including granular, liquid and organic. Granular fertilizers are the most commonly used, and they come in small pellets that are spread across the lawn using a spreader. Liquid fertilizers are sprayed onto the lawn and are often used for quick applications or when targeting specific areas. Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources, such as compost or bone meal, and can provide long-lasting benefits to the soil.

Professional lawn fertilization services in Cornelius NC provide a series of treatments throughout the year, starting in the spring and ending in the fall. The exact timing and frequency of the treatments will depend on the specific needs of your lawn and the local climate. Fertilization services may also include soil testing to determine the exact nutrient levels and pH balance of your soil, which can help determine the right fertilizer blend and application rate.

Some lawn fertilization services in Cornelius NC also offer additional services, such as weed control, insect control and disease management. These services can help prevent common problems that can damage or kill your lawn. Weed control services typically involve the application of herbicides to target specific weeds, while insect control services may involve the use of pesticides to eliminate harmful insects, such as grubs or chinch bugs. Disease management services may include the application of fungicides to prevent or treat lawn diseases, such as brown patch or dollar spot.

Hiring Lawn Pro of the Carolinas for your Cornelius lawn fertilization services can save you time and effort while ensuring that your lawn receives the right nutrients and care it needs. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online or calling (704) 746-8447.

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