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Whether you need Cornelius sprinkler repair or a new system entirely, the experts with Lawn Pro of the Carolinas are ready to help. Our company has decades of experience in sprinkler repair in Cornelius NC, and there’s no kind of problem we haven’t seen before. When you choose us, you can do so with total confidence.

Repair or Replace?

Like any other mechanical system, a sprinkler system can break down or malfunction over time. When this happens, the question arises – should you call a pro for Cornelius sprinkler repair, or should you replace your sprinkler system?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. The first factor is the age of the system. If your sprinkler system is relatively new and has been well-maintained, sprinkler repair in Cornelius NC it may be a more cost-effective option. However, if your system is more than ten years old and has a history of problems, replacing it may be a better long-term investment.

Another factor to consider is the extent of any damage. If the damage is minor and can be repaired easily, such as a broken sprinkler head or a clogged nozzle, repairing the system may be a better option. But if the damage is extensive and affects multiple parts of the system, replacing it may be more cost-effective in the long run.

You should also consider the cost of sprinkler repair in Cornelius NC versus the cost of replacement. If the cost of repairs is more than half the cost of a new system, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. Similarly, if your sprinkler system requires frequent repairs, the cumulative cost of those repairs may exceed the cost of a new system over time.

Think about the efficiency of your current system. If your current sprinkler system is outdated and inefficient, replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model could save you money on your water bill over time. Newer sprinkler systems are designed to use less water while still effectively watering your lawn and garden.

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