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Even with the best intentions, problems can arise when people don’t use Mooresville lawn fertilization services. The experts in lawn fertilization services in Mooresville NC with Lawn Pro of the Carolinas have some information on common issues that can occur and tips on how to troubleshoot them.


People who opt for the DIY approach rather than hiring Mooresville lawn fertilization services will often apply too much fertilizer, resulting in burnt, brown patches on their lawn. This occurs when the grass blades become overwhelmed with nitrogen, causing them to dry out and die. Experts in lawn fertilization services in Mooresville NC will make sure to apply the right amount.


If your lawn is looking yellow or lacks growth, it may be under-fertilized. The first step is to determine what nutrients are missing from your soil. Lawn fertilization services in Mooresville NC will often include a soil test that can help identify the problem.

Uneven Growth

Uneven growth can occur if fertilizer isn’t spread evenly across a lawn. To fix this issue, professionals will often reapply fertilizer using a more even distribution method. They’ll typically use a spreader to ensure an even application. If uneven growth persists, they may recommend overseeding or re-sodding the affected areas.

Nutrient Deficiencies

A lack of certain nutrients can cause a lawn to look pale or patchy. Common nutrient deficiencies include iron, potassium and phosphorus. For iron deficiencies, professionals will sometimes use a liquid iron supplement.

Problems with pH

Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to your lawn. If the pH is too low or too high, your lawn may not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs. A soil test can help you determine the pH level of your soil, and then a pro may use lime to raise the pH or sulfur to lower it.

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