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Choosing expert Mooresville sod installation companies like Lawn Pro of the Carolinas is a quick and easy way to get a lush, green lawn in no time. But we don’t just show up and put down soil like some sod installation companies in Mooresville NC. We’ll properly prepare your lawn to ensure the sod healthy and long-lasting. Here are some of the steps we’ll typically perform to prepare lawn for sod installation.

Clear the Area

Unlike some Mooresville sod installation companies, we’ll take the time to remove any existing vegetation, rocks and debris from the area. Doing so will help you to get a clean and even surface for your sod.

Soil Testing and Amendment

After removing the old grass and weeds, it’s time to test your soil. This is another way we stand out from other sod installation companies in Mooresville NC.

Soil testing is important to determine the pH level and nutrient content of your soil. Depending on the results, you may need to amend your soil to ensure optimal growing conditions for your new sod. If the pH level is too high or too low, we might add lime or sulfur to adjust it. If the nutrient content is low, we may need to add organic matter such as compost or fertilizer.

Grade the Area

Proper grading is crucial for a healthy and long-lasting lawn. It ensures proper drainage and prevents water from pooling in low areas, which can cause your sod to die. Use a rake or a grading tool to create a slight slope away from your house or other structures. The ideal slope is about 2-3 inches of fall per 10 feet of horizontal distance. Not all sod installation companies in Mooresville NC will be this precise.


Before laying your sod, it’s important to have an irrigation system in place. A sprinkler system will help ensure that your sod is getting enough water to establish a strong root system. We can install a sprinkler system before laying the sod to make sure it installs properly.

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